When It Comes to Buying Your First Home, Why It's Never a Good Idea to Do-It-Yourself

Isn't it strange how some people want to cut as many costs as possible whenever they buy a product or service? There's a lot to be said for being financially astute, but sometimes you can take this too far. It's certainly not a good idea to adopt this approach by going it alone when buying a home. With so much involved, why is it important to get expert help?

Making Sure It Works

The majority of people need financing whenever they consider a purchase of their own. For many, this is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, taken on at a relatively early age and they won't have had enough time to save up a deposit. When mortgage companies and banks come into the picture, you have to dance to their tune to a certain extent. In order to present the best picture and make sure you get access to the money, you need an expert knowledgeable in conveyancing to help you out.

Cooling off

Your expert advisor will also be able to protect you from trying to accelerate the process, or letting your enthusiasm get the better of you. For example, always take advantage of a cooling off period, once you have committed to a particular property you like. Some people are so keen, that they want to progress right now. The cooling off period can allow you to search to see if the title is completely clean and that you're not setting yourself up for problems in the future. One thing to remember here, however, is that homes that are bought at an auction are not eligible for "cooling off."

Considering the Costs

Have you considered all the fees that are included in a typical home purchase? Disbursements such as government certificates, title searches, zoning documents and sewer diagrams all have to be accounted for, so there are no surprises when it comes to signing on the dotted line.

Cracking the Whip

You may also not be aware of certain strengths that you may have as a buyer. It may be a good idea, for example, to issue a notice to complete to the seller, who is dragging their feet. This means that you can keep your home purchase process on track more effectively, as otherwise penalties can be imposed on the seller for non-compliance.


Settlement day is the most crucial part of the entire procedure. This is when you definitely want an expert on your side, as the seller will undoubtedly have their solicitor present. Representatives from banks or mortgage companies will be there as well, and money will be exchanged in return for title and proof that any previous mortgages have been settled, if applicable.

As you can see, before you get the keys to your dream property there are a lot of hurdles to overcome. It doesn't make sense to try and cut your costs and do-it-yourself.